Saturday, September 7, 2013

Review: Apocalypse Now Now by Charlie Human

Title: Apocalypse Now Now
Author: Charlie Human
Publisher: Umuzi (July 2013)

All hell breaks loose when Baxter’s girlfriend Esmé is kidnapped and he is plunged into Cape Town’s supernatural underworld. An unusual tooth found at the scene of Esmé’s disappearance leads Baxter to the door of supernatural bounty hunter Jackie Ronin. Together they set out to rescue Esmé and cross paths with a West African glowing man; the notorious Queen of the Nightwalkers; and a bent weapons-chemist named Basson. Baxter’s sudden immersion in the paranormal leaves him with little time to realise that he is about to become the final cog in Basson’s master plan – one that could create an apocalypse that will obliterate the world. 
Folks, this is the one book that you do not want to miss. Charlie Human is a fresh voice in South African fiction and he does a damn good job telling his rather twisted and unusual tale.

Such is the way the story is told that that I found myself constantly doubting what is real and what isn't and Baxter's reliability as a narrator. You will see what I mean when you read the book.

The story is fast-paced and the characters fantastic. Human has created a unique vision of a supernatural Cape Town that still manages to reflect South African culture. I really love that about it. We do not have enough books out there that do this and I really hope that the success of this novel as well as Lauren Beukes' Zoo City will spur on a new wave of fiction on the South African market that is not afraid to be imaginative and step over the limits.

The writing is snappy and full of humor. One would think that Human is a much more accomplished author as this does not read like a debut novel.

If you are a fan of Neil Gaiman and Lauren Beukes, this will not disappoint!

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